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to the home of Producer/Mixer/Engineer Rolf Munkes & Empire Studios.

Empire Studios has
150 sqmtrs available and is located
between Heidelberg and Frankfurt in an old factory area. The main train station,
different highways, Frankfurt airport, supermarkets are all very close.
I offer a great and relaxed atmosphere for your creative work -
There is a kitchen, chill out and a guestroom which is included in the budget.
You can do a complete Production here or do parts of the process
Recording, Mixing, Mastering or Reamping here too.

Bands that have worked here are:
Dragonsfire, Messenger, Majesty,
La Paz featuring Doogie White,Burden of Life, J. R. Blackmore, Bury My Regrets,
Me and the Rest, Tribal, Khaos, Razorback, Empire, Forgotten Memories, Mooncry,
Concept Insomnia, Darkest Horizon, Roadway, Dark Man Shadow, Minotaurus,
Signalis, Virus, Rik Priems Prime, 7th Day Davidian
and many more.

Bands have signed to labels like
EMI, Massacre Records, Limb, Firefield,
Puresteel, Metal Heaven, Metal Mind Productions, Lion Music, Sony Music,
Disney Records, Twilight Distribution,Bob Media, Locomotive, Dingwall,
King Records, K-Tel, J. R. Blackmore Records, STF Records,
Schwarzdorn Productions

I started out as a guitarplayer in Bands like
Vanize, Majesty, Razorback,
and played guitar for Ex Black Sabbath singer Tony Martin.
Since 2009 I work as a fulltime producer in my own studio.
I've worked with people like
Neil Murray (Whitesnake), Doogie White (Michael Schenker),
Tony Martin (Black Sabbath), Don Airey (Deep Purple),
Anders Johansson (Malmsteen, Hammerfall),
Mike Terrana ( Rage, Axel Rudi Pell), Bobby Rondinelli (Black Sabbath)

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